April 13, 2011
Great Service.  Paul did a fantastic job on my BMW 330i with hail damage on the roof. It was a difficult
job and he took care to do a quality job. His price was very good, especially since the job took longer
than he expected.  

September 16, 2010
Great Service at Reasonable Prices!.  I was very pleased with Paul's work and easy accessibility in the
Cary area. My Mom hit my Toyota Camry, putting a small but noticible dent in the corner of the bumper.
Paul's estimate was far lower than another I'd received from someone who was more interested in also
painting the car. We were very impressed with the results that took only a couple of hours.

July 13, 2010
Well done!.  My wife's Lexus had a number of parking lot mall dents on it. We had this company fix it
and it came out better than we thought it would. This type of repair is so much easier and quicker than
the old traditional repainting methods. I will recommend this company to my friends for sure. Bill

June 07, 2010
Thanks for the service!.  Our 2006 Mercedes R350 had some door dings and a crease in it. This
company came out to our home and fixed it so you can't even tell there was any damage. Also, they
didn't have to repaint our SUV which was the best part because that's what the Mercedes shop said.
Excellent repair service!

April 09, 2010
Wonderful experience with this company..  I had dents and creases in the passenger door of my car
and these folks fixed it for a fraction of what the dealership quoted me. It was fixed in 4 hours vs. the
body shop wanting it for 3 days! Thanks again...

April 09, 2010
Great alternative to a body shop..  My BMW 5-series had many dings from some scum hammering on it.
Paul came to my home and did a tremendous job removing them so you couldn't ever tell they were
there, and it only took an hour. I would highly recommend this company to anyone! SW

April 06, 2010  
Very  professional service.  I had a deep crease in the front quarter panel of my 2009 Subaru Forester
from someone backing into it in a parking lot and the body shop wanted a ton of money to fix it and
repaint it. These guys picked it up from my workplace and fixed it for a lot less and it only took 1/2 of a
day - great job!

April 06, 2010
It's good to be dent free..  Paul came out to our home in Apex and fixed dents on our Miata and
Outback for a great price - on a weekend no less! Thanks for the great service!

February 11, 2010
Magic Happens!.  Paul is a master of dent removal. His skill is beyond any wildest expectations. He
fixed my new Edge in 2 hours. I got two dents in a severe wind storm in Raleigh (smth flew in and
dented the quater panel). He came to my home, picked up the car and two hours later I had it as good
as new! The price is good too. Paul is also very polite and a pleasure to deal with. Thank you, Paul!!!

September 24, 2009
Got my new car back!.  I backed my 2 week old Prius into another car and put a hand-sized dent in the
rear bumper cover. Paul came to my workplace to give me an estimate. A week later, he picked up my
car and returned it 4 hours later. The dent was gone. As near as I could tell nothing had ever
I would recommend Paul to anybody. He came when he said he would, did what he said he would do,
and charged a very reasonable fee. Given my luck with cars I'll probably be calling him again myself!

July 20, 2009
Great repair job....  Thank you for the wonderful service Paul

March 26, 2009
Superior to traditional body work.  I had several dents (waves) and some high spots in the roof of a
truck, as well as a hood crease and some other small dents in the tops of the fenders. Paul gave a free
estimate and then demonstrated his high level of expertise in working the metal back into its factory
form. I never will go to a traditional body shop for dent repair after seeing what Paul can do. He is
extremely skillful and you will not know the metal was ever deformed when he is done. Then there are
the other benefits like no paint overspray, no sand marks, and the none of the inevitable signs of
"spot painting".

December 08, 2008
Acorn damage fixed right the first time..  We had two cars that got dented bigtime from acorns (it
looked like a hail storm got them) and this company fixed it like they were never there. They worked
with our insurance company quickly and painlessly.

May 30, 2008
Great Dent Repair Service.  We had two vehicles suffer from hail damage in Fuquay-Varina recently
(May 2008) and this company repaired them promptly and professionally without re-painting at a body
shop. We highly recommend this company.

March 10, 2008
Really nice experience..  Our car had some small branches fall on it and this company removed the
resulting dents like they were never there - plus they were a no hassle kind of service.

November 26, 2007
Nice job!.  Paul came out and fixed some tree damage on our Infiniti SUV and did an incredible job -
you can't tell that there was ever any damage on the car! Thanks again and Happy Holidays. Kim

August 10, 2007
Great, easy service........  I didn't have time to take my car to a shop so I appreciated the mobile service.
Thanks and great job. Dave

April 18, 2007
I didn't know this kind of service existed anywhere anymore! It is great!!.  My car was picked up, fixed,
and delivered back to me in 3 hours (as promised). Although I had backed into another car in a parking
lot this weekend, you would never know it. The car looks like it did before the fender-bender. And, the
price was very reasonable, too!

I highly recommend Dent & Hail Specialists Mobile Service. The work and the service is fantastic!

March 14, 2007
Very Professional Service.  We had a car door fly into the side of our car during a recent windy day
and this company came out and did a wonderful job of fixing it for us without having to go through
our insurance. We would highly recommend this company.

November 14, 2006
Quick response, Courteous, Excellent, Quality Service....  My wife obtained what appeared to me to be
a minor dent in the back of her new Sienna courtesy of a shoe being pitched at it. After Paul looked at
it, the dent was really more that I had first noticed.. Not a problem, he went right to work, and fixed it
up within an hour. Paul is quite courteous, and very meticulous about his work. Finding someone like
that to work on your auto, is very rare. He cares about his work, and his customers!!

August 08, 2006
Great Mobile Service.  We had some hail damage fixed on one car, and some regular dents on another
car. Everything came out better than we expected. Nice job. Jay

May 26, 2006
Had some hail damage fixed by these folks..  Did a perfect job, plus it only took a day. We'll
recommend to to others - thanks! Molly

April 07, 2006
User review by acesupacesdown:  Excellent service - thank you for coming out to fix all of our dents.
We'll be sending business your way. Jodie

March 09, 2006
Excellent work!.  Our minivan was due to be turned in to the lease company, but it had a bunch of
dents and bumps on it. This company came out and got it looking great again - thank you! Jimmy

February 08, 2006
Great job....  Paul came out to my office and fixed my car in one hour - can't beat that! Thanks again!

January 23, 2006
Good work!.  I appreciate you coming out to remove our dents on our cars. Great work!

December 12, 2005
Great.  Got a parking lot ding from another car. About the size of a quarter with a few light scratches.
Paul contacted me back pretty soon after I e-mailed him and he set up a time to come by my
apartment complex in the afternoon.

Took care of my dent right away. Did a great job. Buffed out the few light scratches in that area for me
as well. Quick too! Price was great! He even showed me some of the tools he used.

November 19, 2005
Thanks for saving me a TON of money....  I want to personally thank Paul for saving us about $600 on
this job compared to what the body shop said it would cost - Happy Holidays, Paul!

November 03, 2005
Dent free is a good feeling..  Paul came out and fixed some dings and dents on my '05 Lexus and did a
wonderful job. I highly recommend this service. Thanks. Jamie

September 29, 2005
Well done!.  My brand new F150 suffered a bruise from a shopping cart, and I am very particular about
what drive. Paul fixed it to perfection like it was never there. I am glad I searched around for the right
company to do the work. It was well worth the effort. Thanks Paul.

September 07, 2005
Thanks for the mobile service!.  I had several door dings on my Porsche that were removed at my
house by these fine folks. The results were amazing - I feel like I have a new car again. Thanks so
much. Tim

August 13, 2005
Highly Recommended.  My brand new car got dented in a parking lot. A very sick feeling! I called Dent
and Hail Specialists and promptly received a call from Paul. He came to my residence the next day and
within a hour or so the dent was gone like nothing had ever happened. The service was excellent and
the cost was quite reasonable considering the profesional craftsmanship. Paul is a self-proclaimed
perfectionist. I highly recommend Dent and Hail Specialists for all paintless dent repair. I will definately
call them again if needed.

July 08, 2005
Professional Service.  Thanks for your help. My car got bumped in a parking lot and these fine folks
repaired it so you couldn't tell it was ever hit. I highly recommend this company. Paul (the owner) gave
me a fair price and repaired it in a timely manner. Thanks again! Pete

June 20, 2005
Bravo.  My car got smashed by a shopping cart and they fixed it like it never got hit - thanks!

May 02, 2005
New car new again - thank you..  My insurance company also recommended this company to fix the
hail dents in my SUV from a hail storm in Raleigh in April. I'm glad I went with these nice folks. They
fixed it back to the way it was before it was dented just like new - thank you!

April 18, 2005
My car is NEW again!.  My brand new car was recently dented by a hail storm in Raleigh. I wasn't sure
where to go to get it fixed. My insurance company told me about Dent Specialists, and that they could
fix the damage without repainting my car...sounded great to me. Dent Specialists removed the dents
completely from my car in 4 hours. I was VERY impressed. Thanks so much!

March 08, 2005
Simply the best in the business..  I have had Paul remove dents from 3 of my vintage/collector cars
over the past 3 years and he did a super job. I had gotten estimates from other dent/body people, and
they told me the damage could not be fixed without repainting the dented panels. Paul fixed them with
his paintless methods and there is no trace of any damage anymore. Thanks Paul

January 17, 2005
Like new again - thank you!.  They picked up my new 4-Runner and fixed it perfect in about 3 hours -
can't beat that. Thanks Paul!

January 17, 2005
Great Service.  Thanks Paul for the great service and repair job you did on my Lexus! I will
recommend you and your company to all of my friends and co-workers.

January 08, 2005
Great Job Fixing My Car!.  I cannot say how amazed I was at the flawless repair quality - A1 stuff!
Thanks and Happy New Year.

November 03, 2004
Thanks for the service!.  Excellent price and service. I had several door dings removed from my BMW
740i and it looks new again. Thanks! Brian

October 12, 2004
Terrific Service..  I just recently purchased a rare Mazda RX7 on Ebay which had several door dings on
it. This company repaired it back to like-new condition and I couldn't be happier with the results. They
were fast and friendly...

September 07, 2004
Great Service!.  What a great service! A tree limb hit the side of my 2001 Mercedes E320 during a
recent storm, and I was worried I would have to have it repainted. These guys came out and fixed it at
my workplace in less than 1 hour and it came out perfect. Also, the cost was half of what a local body
shop quoted me. Thanks so much!

July 19, 2004
Thank you!.  Wow is all I can say. I didn't think it was possible to repair dents 100% without repainting
a car, but these guys did it! They were 50% cheaper than the body shop, too!!

January 29, 2004
Great Job!.  I had ice-storm damage from a tree limb. The body shop told me I needed to replace my
hood, but I found Dent and Hail Specialists and got a second opinion, and I'm glad I did! The price was
about half of what the body shop quoted me and it was repaired in one day vs. 10 days. Thanks so

January 14, 2004
Great deal.  A deer ran into the side of my SUV and I got a body shop quote of over $1000 - this
company fixed it for $350, took half a day, and came out perfect! Thanks so much.

December 30, 2003
Excellent.  Paul picked up and delivered our van at no charge and fixed it beyond what we were
hoping for - thanks again Paul!

February 02, 2005
Cool Guy.  I almost forgot to put this rating - sorry paul, and he is the best. He fixed one of my car
(E320 silver metallic) and I am very happy with his service. In fact, I just refered him to my son's friend.
Great service and very prompt!

March 06, 2003
Excellent Value.  Fixed my car very fast and didn't cost much either - the body shop wanted $850,
these guys fixed it for $250!

November 08, 2002
Great Job!.  Thanks guys! I was thoroughly impressed with this company and would highly
recommend them to anyone.

October 21, 2002
Great Job!.  Amazing is all I can say! I had about 75 hail dents on my 2002 Honda Accord and was sick
about it. Dent and Hail Specialists restored it to NEW condition in only 4 hours!! I highly recommend
this company. James

October 21, 2002
WOW! These guys are THE BEST!!.  I want to thank Dent & Hail Specialists for their professionalism
and caring attitude when I had my Mercedes in to be repaired. They completely erased all the dings in
my 2001 Mercedes at a tiny fraction of the price that the body shop quoted for the same repair ($175
vs. $1200)!! And they did it in less than 1 hour! Thank you!!!! Frank
March 09, 2010
Great job fixing our dents! Paul fixed our daughter's 2009 Suzuki Forenza Sunday 02/28/10 and did a
great job. My daughter's friends were horsing around and one of them fell into the left fender leaving a
deep crease.  We also had a smaller crease from a tree limb - both came out amazing and it took less
than 3/4 of a day. Thanks, Paul! We'll see you again if we have any more dents! CW

March 06, 2011
I recently noticed that I had a nasty dent in the right fender of my 2010 Subaru Forester. I initially
brought my car over to a car dealer, and they said the dent was way too large for a paintless dent
removal service. Their price for a complete/traditional auto body repair was $719, and the car would
have to be left in their shop for 3-4 days. Well, I thought this price was simply too high. I went online
and found Dent & Hail Specialists on the web. This company received several good online reviews, and
the website had many Before/After repair pictures for you to look at. I emailed a few pictures of my car
to this firm and two days later I got a call from the owner (Paul Prosser). Paul told me that my car
COULD be repaired using the new paintless dent repair technology. I was told that the price would be
$110, and it could be done in just one day. He said that I could either drop off my car at his place or he
could come to my home. However, it would obviously cost more if I wanted to get their mobile service.
I told him that I would be happy to drop my car off and get the $110 repair price.

Everything went extremely well. Paul carefully examined my car when I dropped it off, and he said that
the impact had actually buckled a portion of the fender. However, he said that he thought he could get
at least 95% of the dent completely out. He said that a 100% repair job would require traditional body
work and the choice was mine to make. Well, I decided to go with the paintless dent repair process.
Paul spotted a few other small dings on one of my car's doors, and he said that he could repair all of
the dents for $200, or just the big one for $110. I told him to go ahead and fix all of them. Conclusion:
Paul is a true master at removing nasty dents. He got around 98% of the big dent completely out, and
he buffed out the fender at no additional charge. He got 100% of the small dents out as well. It only
took him a few hours to make the repairs, and I am extremely happy with the final results. Dent & Hail
Specialists is a small family-owned business, and they provide excellent customer service. I highly
recommend this firm.
NOTE: Customer reviews showing are from 2002 - 2013 . I will be adding reviews from 2012 & 2013 in the coming weeks -Thanks for the kind words!  PAUL
May 29, 2013
I have gone to Dent Specialists for almost 10 years for dent/restoration work.  Paul has worked on
some 7-8 antique/classic cars for me during this time frame and I'm always amazed at the results:  as
close to perfection as you can get.  After Paul works his magic on my car, I'm in love with the car all
over again!  The most recent car a few weeks ago, a 1967 Datsun Roadster with low mileage, but lots
of dents, is now factory straight, free of dents, waviness and imperfections. Thanks to Paul. Next is a
1967 Sunbeam Alpine! Mike
July 17, 2013
I wanted to say thank you again for the work you performed on my two cars.  I was extremely pleased
with your service and the results.  I will definitely come back to you in the future!
Sincerely, FF